11 Best Battery Powered Weed Eaters for Lawns and Gardens

Best Battery Powered Weed Eaters: Maybe you have a picturesque garden, or maybe you’re just an average guy whose wife asks you to trim those tall weeds near the fence. Whatever your purpose is, we know the fact that weeds are never welcome in our gardens and lawns.  They have a terrible habit of spreading outside the reach of our equipment’s electric extension cord.

Gas-based trimmers are much more maneuverable, but they are much heavier and emit fumes. This brings us to the battery-powered weed eater. It’s a cordless string trimmer that is a must-have for every homeowner since it is lightweight, easy to use, and has no cord length limitations.

Naturally, you’re wondering, “Which wireless weed eater is best for me?” Because there are numerous brands and variations to choose from. How can I determine which one is the most effective? Which one will best suit my requirements? You want the best, just like everyone else, and that brings us to our guide on choosing the best battery weed eater for your lawn care.

This article includes a comprehensive list and reviews of the top 10 battery-powered weed eaters on the market, as well as a piece of brief shopping advice to help you make the best selection for you.

Are you looking for a weed eater that does not require a power cord? You don’t need to look much further for all of the information you want can be found in this detailed buying and review guide.

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11 Best Battery Powered Weed Eaters

1. Greenworks PRO 16-Inch 80V Cordless String Trimmer

Greenworks’ battery-powered weed eater features an attachment-capable product design that is compatible with a variety of brands and attachment accessories for gas weed eaters. It also has a customizable trigger speed for more control and battery efficiency.

You’ll also observe that this Greenworks cordless string trimmer does have a lot of power, with an output voltage of 80 volts. This high power provides enough force for your weed eater to draw on for large lawn maintenance operations. With a 2.0 AH battery, this Greenworks weed eater scores at 160-watt hours, providing it a fair amount of power output.

Greenworks Pro also has a 16-inch long string for a wider cutting swath. This portable string trimmer can indeed cover a lot of ground thanks to its extended string length and high voltage. When you combine it with the 16-pound weight, you get a weed eater built for the more intense gardening needs. Nevertheless, if you really need a battery-powered weed eater which can do more than just clean up and can aid with major jobs, the Greenworks Pro is the way to go.

2. Milwaukee Elec Tool 2725-21HD 18V M18 String Trimmer

Milwaukee’s battery power weed eater is a lightweight option, weighing about 10 pounds and offering an 18 volts power capacity.

While the 18Vs power capacity may appear insufficient in comparison to the GreenWorks Pro, the Milwaukee compensates with 9.0 AH, providing this battery string trimmer model 162-watt hours, which is somewhat more than our 80V companion. In reality, Milwaukee contributes significantly to the runtime of the cordless string trimmer, providing up to 1 hour of activity per battery cycle.

Milwaukee’s REDLINK Plus intelligence is also included with this weed eater. This technology keeps an eye on the transmission between battery, charger, and the device. This measures the energy output and ensures that the tool is operating at peak efficiency.

The Milwaukee battery-driven weed eater is designed to cover terrain with a cutting swath of 14 or 16 inches, as well as the long-lasting batteries make this an excellent choice for someone who intends to use the cordless string trimmer regularly.

3. Husqvarna Battery Straight Shaft String Trimmer 115iL

Husqvarna’s cordless string trimmer appears to be a user-friendly solution for any homeowner. This rechargeable string trimmer is designed for the ordinary homeowner who wants to perform some yard maintenance. It has an easy-to-read keypad control, an adjustable handle, telescopic shaft, and weighs only about 7.35 pounds.

Husqvarna adopts a somewhat different approach using a normal 40V battery and is meant to work seamlessly with the brand’s other battery-powered products. Husqvarna’s 40V battery works with all of its 40V equipment, including this battery string trimmer model. This series of complementary devices save time and resources because you seldom need to use a chainsaw and a weed eater simultaneously.

With a rather short string length of around 13 inches, this trimmer may be used in small home gardens as well as large lawns. The Husqvarna is a versatile cordless string trimmer having adjustable settings. It will undoubtedly complement anybody who already owns other Husqvarna 40V tools.

4. Makita XRU15PT1 Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless (5.0Ah) 18V X2 (36V) LXT String Trimmer

Makita’s battery-powered weed eater is loaded with the most recent technology advances. This rechargeable string trimmer is intended to perform at its best thanks to the improvements.

Makita’s Auto Torque Drive Technology has resulted in a string trimmer that changes its speed to either increase power or extends battery life. This weed eater also has adjustable speed adjustment between three distinct speeds.

This rechargeable string trimmer has several added safety features. The  Extreme Protection Technology (XPT) increases the trimmer’s resistance to dust and water, while Star Protection Computer Controls safeguard the eater’s internal systems. It also features a handy reverse rotation function, that aids in cleaning.

Makita’s battery-powered weed eater doesn’t let down those of us who seek the extra functions that new technology makes accessible.

5. EGO Power+ ST1521S 15-Inch String Trimmer with PowerLoad and Carbon Fiber Split Shaft

EGO’s Power+ battery string trimmer model has two key aspects: a POWERLOAD head, as well as a carbon fiber split shaft. This trimmer is also compatible with all available EGO ARC Lithium batteries, which is an added advantage.

So, what exactly is POWERLOAD? Anyone who has ever used a weed eater in their lawn knows how terrifying tangled lines as well as winding the spool can be. This issue is addressed with POWERLOAD. It winds up the line for you, so changing your trimmer’s line is no longer a chore!

What about the split carbon fiber shaft? Carbon fiber is an extremely robust material that assures the durability of the EGO cordless string trimmer during all of your outdoor activity. EGO is so confident in the shaft’s longevity that it comes with a lifetime warranty.

The split shaft transforms this string trimmer into a multipurpose tool. The shaft may be removed fully and replaced with another instrument, including a hedge trimmer or edger. This EGO cordless string trimmer has the flexibility to utilize any EGO battery and the ability to switch heads!

6. Dewalt String Trimmer, 13-Inch

Dewalt’s battery-powered weed eater weighs 8.5 pounds and is part of Dewalt’s flagship 20v max line.

This Dewalt weed eater is intended to handle most of your lawn care needs. It has a 13 inches cutting swath and two variable speed settings. You may use high for difficult work and low to conserve battery power after mowing. It also features a unique gear drive arrangement to provide more power while cutting through heavy foliage.

It’s worth noting that the Dewalt has a 100-watt hour, 20V battery max as well as a 5.0AH. As a result, the battery would not last longer compared to other brands. This might be an essential aspect to consider based on how long you use the weed eater at a given time.

Overall thoughts? The Dewalt 20V is a sleek and well-balanced cordless string trimmer that is excellent for homeowners with small yards.

7. Craftsman V20 String Trimmer Edger

The Craftsman 20-volt string trimmer features an 80-watt, 4.0 AH capacity battery. This rechargeable string trimmer performs small chores with a compact and easy touch, weighing only 6.3 pounds.

Unlike the majority of other weed eaters on our list, this Craftsman 20V cordless string trimmer has a push-button feed mechanism rather than a typical bump feed. Bump feed systems work by bumping the weed trimmer on the ground to release the additional string. Instead of bumping, this trimmer releases string at the touch of a button.

This push-button feed mechanism is more convenient for users who don’t use our weed eater on a regular basis. The bump technique takes experience, and hitting too hard has the potential to shatter the guard.

Automatic feed systems, on the other hand, offer far more of an issue if they fail. The increasing number of electronics, like everything that is automatic instead of manual, entails a more difficult repair if it breaks down.

With watt-hours on the low side and the simplicity of a push-button feed, this Craftsman weed eater is ideal for the weed eater newcomer.

8. Black + Decker 40V Max String Trimmer

Black and Decker’s battery powered weed eater, weighs about 6.4 pounds and has a 40 volts capacity. It easily outperforms numerous other lightweight trimmers in terms of power capacity. The increased power, however, comes at a cost, as the battery only has 1.5 amp-hours.

This Black and Decker Trimmer has a number of features that make trimming a breeze. It boasts a completely automated feed mechanism that does not require any button-pushing or bumping. When the supplied string runs out, the weed eater gives out the additional string on its own. Of course, as with the Craftsman, due of the electronics, this system may be more difficult to repair if a problem arises.

Because of the lower amp hours as well as the lack of an adjustable speed option, this Black and Decker product is more likely to deplete the battery than most of the other models. However, depending on the duration of the work that you employ for this, it may be a nonissue for many.

This rechargeable string trimmer is indeed a two-in-one tool that can be quickly converted into an edger. This trimmer is ideal for anyone who needs a proficient tool for simple yard maintenance because to its increased power capacity, lightweight and easy-to-use system.

9. WORX WG163 GT 3.0 20V PowerShare 12″ Cordless String Trimmer & Edger

This WORX cordless string trimmer weighs around 4.6 pounds and it has a wider cutting diameter of 12 inches. With its edging skills and tiny size, this trimmer is ideal for keeping your lawn trimmed.

This two-in-one trimmer and edger also features a wheel. When utilizing the edger attachments, users can now effortlessly direct the tool for clean and easy edging. The WORX additionally has an automated feed mechanism to provide uninterrupted operation with minimal bumping.

This trimmer is ideally suited for homeowners who want something to maintain their yards in perfect shape. This device is compact and easy to use with features like the edging wheel as well as automated feed.

10. Craftsman V60 Weedwhacker String Trimmer

Craftsman only manufacturer with two different cordless string trimmers variants on this list, this particular 60-volt weedwhacker is the larger variant of the previously mentioned 20V model.

While the 20V variant was designed with user-friendly characteristics that we noted made it ideal for new weed eater users, the 60-volt variant is a Craftsman choice for people with more expertise who want additional power for large projects.

This Craftsman includes a lot of the features that we saw previously on this list. It has a bump feed, 2-speed choices, 160-watt hours, 2.5 AH, as well as a 15-inch cutting swath. This trimmer can handle huge projects thanks to its larger cutting swath and high power capacity. Many reviews appreciate the runtime of this weed eater, thus making it better suitable for prolonged usage.

Craftsman hasn’t given up all of its useful functionality with this variant. However,  It also has a Quickwind Spool System which makes it easier to change your line. After all, who loves replacing the spool on their weed eater?

This is Craftsman’s choice for dedicated gardeners and lawn care experts, delivering higher power, longer runtimes, as well as a wider cut at the expense of some convenience.

Best Battery Powered Weed Eater – Useful Buying Guide

Before you make a purchase decision, we want you to understand some of the basic terminology, features, Motor types, Battery types, and other such information about the latest Battery Powered Weed Eaters. Here are some things to ask yourself to make sure that you choose an ideal battery powered weed eater for your gardening needs.

Common Features

Before we get into the specifics of a cordless string trimmer, there are a few things that all of the weed trimmers on our list have in common. Because of their potential advantages, cordless weed eaters on this list have incorporated certain basic and advanced features.

Brushless Motor

If you want a detailed explanation of the differences between classic brushed motors and modern brushless motors, look it up on Google. The advantages that a brushless motor offers will be discussed in this section.

Brushless motors are more efficient than brushed motors. Instead of always operating at full speed, a brushless motor may adapt depending on what task the equipment is performing. This enables the tool to operate for a longer period of time.

Furthermore, because there are fewer locations for a brush to fail, brushless motors are more robust. They are also more silent than brushed equivalents. Because of these factors, all the cordless string trimmer on this list employs a brushless motor.

Important Terminology for Weed Eater Tools

Before we get into the buying guide, we need to define a few things so you can understand what each battery-powered weed eater has to offer.

  1. Amp Hours AH: It defines the charge stored in the device battery. Higher AH value indicates that the battery can hold more energy.
  2. Voltage: This value refers to the battery’s power capacity. This indicates the maximum power a battery can draw. Higher voltage means that more power is available to the weed eater.
  3. String Length: When we define a weed eater to be 12 inches or 16 inches, what we really mean is the diameter of the string which is defined by the deflector size. Longer string lengths can provide a larger cut area. But, they need more power and they revolve at a slower speed.
  4. Watt-Hours: It is the combination of Voltage and Amp Hours. Higher Watt hours indicate that the weed eater can run for longer time durations.

Lithium-Ion Battery

The lithium-ion battery is another significant breakthrough in cordless technology that all of our weed eaters benefit from. These batteries charge quickly and drain at a consistent pace. Unlike earlier battery types, which caused a tool to progressively slow down based on the power levels, string trimmers fueled by lithium-ion batteries will keep functioning the same whether the battery is fully charged, half-charged, or just 1 percent charged.

What are the Uses of a Battery Powered Weed Eater?

Are you planning to conduct basic pruning, removing overgrowth, mow places where your mower can’t go, or just garden clean up? Such queries will help you calculate the amount of power your weed eater would require and how much lawn area it should cover in a single session.

High voltage weed eaters provide more power for difficult tasks. Keep in mind that the voltage reflects the highest amount of power that the motor would pull at any given time. An 80V weed eater may not always run on 80 volts, but the higher voltage rating means that it has better power availability if you need it. However, the sort of job that many of us conduct with weed eaters should not need 80 volts.

Larger cutting swaths enable you to cover more garden areas in less time. Do you need to mow the lawn in a tough place where the mower cannot go? For greater efficiency, use a 16-inch string. Just a little weeding to remove some garden weeds or invasive garden plants? Then a 12-inch piece of string should be enough.

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How Long do you Intend to Use it?

In a similar context to the last question, how long do you intend to use your weed eater in a single session? The garden size and the lawn topography will have the most impact on your choice of weed eater and edger. Have a lot of places that will need to be trimmed? You should pay special attention to the elements that influence the runtime of a weed eater.

A weed eater’s amp hours, as well as the watt-hours, are an excellent place to start when calculating the device runtime. These might serve as a useful point when comparing products from various brands. You should also think about the number of batteries you possess. One battery that must be recharged is not the same as just swapping an empty battery with a spare charged battery.

For those of us who are particularly concerned with runtime, options such as variable speed control should be considered. Being able to switch between low and high speeds on your weed eater will help you to save battery life when you don’t need to operate at full capacity.

Ease of Use and Convenience of Weed Eaters

The last question is what kind of improvements you want to have on your weed trimmer. Are you particularly terrible at nudging to get an extra line? Take, for example, a weed eater including an automated feed.

The weight is another aspect to consider here. What kind of maneuverability do you want from your weed eater? Who will use it, and what will they be able to handle it? There’s no use in purchasing the 80V Greenworks when you can’t move it securely and effectively.

Do you want to buy a lawn edger? Many of the cordless weed trimmers featured on this list also function as edgers too. If you intend to perform a lot of edging activity, one of those models could be a better fit for you.

Have you already made a commitment to a brand? Many manufacturers produce batteries that are interchangeable with all of their cordless devices. You may want to consider sticking with a product in which you have previously invested, particularly if they already have a battery option available.

How is battery powered weed eater useful?

A portable cordless battery-powered weed eater can be very handy for small gardens and lawns. The compact size helps in reaching the edges and corners of the lawn where a big corded tool cannot reach. These weed eaters can be used as edgers for pruning.

Which is the best battery weed eater?

Choosing the right battery-powered weed eater depends on a lot of factors like your lawn size, operational frequency, etc. Once you know your requirements, you can look at our list of best cordless weed eaters and pick the perfect one for your gardening and lawn care.

Final Thoughts about Choosing the Perfect Battery Operated Weed Eater

Who realized that there were so many factors to consider when deciding on the ideal battery powered weed eater for your lawn? While it may appear to be a daunting task, cordless string trimmers are eco-friendly, light in weight, and a much simpler alternative to their gas-powered as well as corded versions. And now that you’re aware with the many factors and options available, it’s simple to choose the best performing battery-powered weed eater for your gardening and lawn care activities!